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Cocktail Catering

Our objective is to challenge the conventional notion and boundaries of the cocktail experience
— Frankie Solarik, BarChef


Cocktail catering

We are constantly creating new cocktails and have an endless repertoire of fantastic libations. We can concoct any drink for any occasion and pair flavours with any meal. Providing you with customized cocktails, bespoke ornate bar design and luxury service, we create experiences your guests will never forget.

Each event is custom tailored to your specific requirements, theme and space. Pricing and quotes are customized and available on request.



Our staff is extensively trained in both modern and classic mixology techniques as well as Smart Serve Certified. We offer the highest level of professionalism at all of our events: our staff is well spoken, courteous, and detail oriented. Each staff member will be well versed on all the custom cocktails being served at your event.

We are happy to provide additional staff for your event if requested.

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cocktail menu

We have plenty of off menu selections but for some examples of our current event offerings, please see our catering menu below.